Pacific series Stack 2220

Continuous full color variable cut and stack

  • Full bleed variable strip cut
  • TransPromo and Graphic Arts
  • Flexible control of waste pages
  • Document integrity control

Get unprecedented reliability for high performance cutting and stacking from the latest color web-fed digital printers. Using dual rotary technology for precise cutting at speeds up to 425 feet per minute, the Pacific series Stack 2220 for color printers is an ideal solution for printers who want to be well positioned, ensuring compatibility with color printers for today and tomorrow.


Printer speed 425 ft/min 2.2 m/sec
Speed Max. 450 ft/min 2.3 m/sec
Feeding Pinfed or pinless
Paper weight minimum 55 gsm
Web width 6″–20.5″ 150 mm–520 mm
Form length 8″–18″ 200 mm–457 mm
Strip cut* 1/8″–3/4″ 3 mm–19 mm
Stack Height Max. 10″ 250 mm
Offset 0.6″ 15 mm
Output options 1-, 2-, 3-up, and slit merge

*speed and paper dependent


Slit Merge

The Merger m20 option allows a 2-up printed web to be slit and merged into a single, collated paper stream. Positioned before the Cutter c22, the web enters the Merger m20 and is slit in the center. A sensor continuously monitors the web for side-to-side variations or movement and the slitter automatically adjusts to cut precisely at the center of the web. The resulting two webs are then merged right-over-left or left-over-right, depending on the requirements of the application.


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  • Graph Expo 2014 Chicago, IL, USA September 28 – October 1, 2014

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